What Difference Does God's Love Make

February 16, 2022
Topic: Love , Love of God
Book: 1 John

Bible Passage: 1 John 4:7-21

We hear people talk about GOD’s love, we read of it in the Bible, we sing songs about the love of GOD, & we hear sermons about it. But I ask, “What difference does GOD’s love make?” If the love of GOD is real, then it should have a real impact upon those who have received & experienced it. If its not real, if its just some abstract concept which only exists in songs, discussions, poems, literature, & sermons, then it will not make a real difference. Well, I’m glad to report that GOD’s love is real, it is as real as GOD, for GOD is love. And I want to tell you that GOD’s love, which is shed abroad in the heart of a sinner at the moment of his conversion, makes all the difference in the world.