Trust In The Lord

September 13, 2020
Topic: Trust

Bible Passage: Proverbs 3:5-6

I want to deal with the disconnect found among many of GOD’s people. The disconnect I’m referring to lies between believing in the Lord to save your soul eternally & yet not trusting in Him fully to guide you through every choice, situation, & decision of life. Many professing believers have faith that GOD has saved them & will take them to heaven when they die. But they don’t trust in GOD’s ability & wisdom to make their daily decisions throughout life. For example, why do people struggle with Tithing? The reason is the don’t trust in the Lord with all their heart. Instead they’re leaning on their own understanding. We do this often with our careers, relationships, & other spheres of life. Instead of seeking GOD’s wisdom & trusting in Him to lead us, we try to navigate our lives, make our choices, & solve our problems with human wisdom & worldly counsel. And then we wonder why our paths in life end up crooked; why our plans continually fall apart; & why our lives end up broken down on life’s highway or shipwrecked with every adverse wind.

Church, let’s quit saying “Trust in the Lord” flippantly & start doing it. Let’s determine to live this way, every day. If we do this, we can rest assured that the Lord shall direct our paths! This morning we are going to discuss what it truly means to trust in the Lord with all our heart & acknowledge Him in every area of life. This message could change your life forever if you listen & apply it.