Trials: GOD’s Refining Fire

July 22, 2018

This morning we are going to talk about trials & how GOD uses them to refine His children. According to Nelson’s Bible Dictionary, a trial is an adversity, the enduring of which proves the merit of an individual’s faith. How is it that some believers can grow in their faith, worship GOD passionately, & remain joyful in the most agonizing moments of their lives while others turn from GOD, grow bitter in spirit, & even start accusing GOD falsely? What is it that produces such polar-opposite responses to trials? The answer to that is knowledge & perspective. Peter understood this reality & therefore exhorted his suffering audience to respond to trials with a joyful attitude based upon the knowledge of what GOD is accomplishing through their trials. This morning we are going to consider what Peter says we all need to know about trials & how we should respond to them.