Travelers On Trial

September 16, 2018

How can Christians, as a people now belonging to GOD, as royal priests, as members of a holy nation, as GOD’s own special people in this world, declare the Lord’s praises before the onlooking world in such a way that we impact their souls for eternity? Well, beginning in verse 11, Peter answers this question by giving specific ways Christians can behave differently before the watching eyes of our world, as earthly citizens, as employees in the work environment, & as spouses in marriage. Basically, Peter is informing believers that they’re under the microscope of society, their lives are on trial & being scrutinized by the sinners around them. Christians, I hope you realize that the world is observing us today as then, examining our conduct in every area of life. Therefore, as travelers who are simply passing through this world on our way home, we are called to demonstrate that we are totally different from this world as a result of GOD’s salvation.