Thy Kingdom Come

February 25, 2018

The central point of all of the Scriptures is the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish His kingdom on earth. Let me put this into perspective. The new birth is vitally important & yet it is only mentioned 9 times in the N. T.; baptism is very important & it is mentioned 20 times in the N. T.; repentance is essentially important & is mentioned 70 times in the N.T.; but, the Second Coming of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, is mentioned at least 380 times in the New Testament. One out every 25 verses in the entire Bible speak of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Friends, if we’re to be Biblically minded then we must stay focused on The Lord’s Return & understand that everything in history is setting the stage for Christ’s coming kingdom. Jesus is coming back & I believe it is closer than we realize.