Thy Kingdom Come

April 29, 2018

There is something in the heart of every human being that longs for a world where justice & peace reign supreme, & where war & suffering cease. That, my friends, is nothing less than the divine fingerprints of GOD’s truth, written on the heart. On another note, GOD also instilled in the human heart a sense of future judgment & a universal belief that some sort of world disaster is coming. You hear it in the news reports, you read it in the titles of books being published, & you see it in the types of apocalyptic movies being produced.

These two conflicting & opposing concepts, the belief in a future worldwide disaster & the desire for some type of global utopia, are at the same time stamped on the heart of every person. While it is impossible for the world to reconcile these two universal beliefs, only the Bible explains how that both are going to take place in the future. Let’s look at Revelation chapter 20 & see how exactly these two realities will unfold.