The Witness By & Beyond The Well

October 9, 2019

We’ve been considering the subject of evangelism for the last few weeks. I hope we’ve all come to the understanding that this is GOD’s Will for every believer. Church, evangelism is not an option; we cannot be silent with the gospel. Since this is commanded of us, we’ve been studying Jesus’ example to see how He evangelized sinners. And we’ve already noted how that in Jesus’ evangelism He met each sinner at the point of their need. For example, Nicodemus was a moral Jew who placed his trust in his Jewish birth. So how did Jesus evangelize him in when the opportunity presented itself? He tells Nicodemus that he needs a new birth. Then there was the Samaritan woman who was immoral & had walked a 1/5 mile to get water outside of town to avoid the scorn & stares of the people in her community. And how did Jesus engage her? He tells her that she needs living water to satisfy her real thirst. What was Jesus doing in each of these conversations? Exposing that they each had a deeper need.