The Triumphal Entry - Part 1

March 25, 2018

On this Sunday before His crucifixion, Jesus prepared to enter Jerusalem through the East Gate of the city. Since the Sabbath had ended the evening before, the streets were densely crowded once again, the noise of tourists began to fill all available space, and people were still buzzing with excitement to see if Jesus would dare come to face His enemies. A price was on His head. It would take real courage for Him to come. And yet, Jesus never waivered from His purpose. In fact, He would boldly orchestrate His Own Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem to fulfill the Scriptures & thereby intentionally set in motion the events which would culminate in His willful sacrifice of Himself on the cross. This text is one of many reminders that Jesus was no victim; He was in full control of every detail & circumstance that affected His life.