The Treasures of the Snow

January 17, 2022
Topic: Job 38:22 , Snow
Book: Job
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Bible Passage: Job 38:22

To most adults a snowstorm means nothing but shoveling sidewalks & scrapping car windows, runny noses, rescheduling appointments, & praying that the power doesn’t go out. For children, snow means sledding & snowball fights, building snowmen, & maybe a day or two off from school. But I ask, “Do we ever stop to ponder the messages that GOD preaches through snow?” We should because GOD designed & uses His natural creation to communicate many truths about Himself & the spiritual realm. For example, GOD uses the physical heavens to declare His supernatural glory. He uses natural light & darkness to picture the spiritual condition of those who are saved versus those who are lost. He uses the animal kingdom in the same way & thus refers to believers as sheep & unbelievers as goats. And so, when it snows & the ground is blanketed with white, we should not dismiss this time as something GOD is uninvolved with.