5 August 2018

The Right Response to Salvation - Part 1

In the first 12 verses of first Peter chapter 1, Peter informs the believers of the wonderful details of GOD’s salvation. But, when he gets to verse 13, he makes a shift. He says in effect, “Now that you know all of these details & doctrines about salvation, this is how you ought to live in response to them.” You’ll notice the first word of verse 13 – What is it? “Wherefore.” That’s an adverb which denotes a result or a consequence. In other words, Peter is moving from information to application. Beginning in verse 13, Peter is saying, “Since all this is true, all that I have written so far, here’s what you need to do with it. Here is how to be a doer of the Word, & not a hearer only. Here is the consequential result of these truths – wherefore.”