The Final Countdown

April 15, 2018

It is almost impossible to watch or read the news today without hearing about the escalating tension among the nations of our world & impending global conflict. Just this past Friday, the headline on a major U. K. news site read, “Is there going to be a World War 3 & who would win? From Syria tensions between USA & Russia to the North Korea nuclear threat, what are the chances?” Now, it is not just the British news agencies that are posting such headlines, this concern of another world war is surfacing in countries on every continent. I believe this universal feeling of a future doomsday is spreading because the world can easily see how international tensions & sophisticated weaponry are revealing just how fast the stability of the global community could disintegrate in one act of a nation, resulting in a calamitous conflict such as this world has never witnessed. So, where is human civilization headed? How will the world end? Is there going to be a final world war that ends this age? Well, the Bible is not silent about the future of our world & the events leading to the end of the age.