The Final Altar Call

September 20, 2020
Topic: Eternity
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Bible Passage: Revelation 22:10-17

This week has been an ongoing reminder that life on earth is temporary. Thursday morning my mother informed us that my great uncle had passed away. A few minutes later, Erin texted to let me know that her granny, Kathy’s mother, had gone on to be with the Lord. Friday morning a man, whom I had previously met through business dealings, contacted me to let me know that his mother had died. When you get those calls back-to-back-to-back, it reminds you that death is a reality for all, & we are all appointed to die unless the Lord returns in our lifetime. Friend, whether you are young or old, you’re going leave this world sooner or later, & it is only what you’ve done with Christ that will matter on that day.