The Doubter That Missed Out

May 25, 2022
Topic: Doubt , Rejection , Thomas
Book: John

Bible Passage: John 20:19-29

Tonight, I want to discuss Thomas’ experience, specifically his doubt which was eliminated by the risen Christ. Why? The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a proven fact that destroys all legitimate doubt about GOD, about the person of Jesus, about the Bible’s inerrancy, about life after death, about Christianity’s exclusivity, & about how a sinner receives forgiveness of sin. Doubt is the enemy of faith & thus should be taken seriously & dealt with reasonably.

Every thinking person wrestles with some type of doubt at some point. That is true not only for thinking Christians, but also for atheists & agnostics. They even wonder, “What if I’m wrong & there really is a GOD? What if there is life after death & I have to stand before GOD? What if Jesus is GOD & I’ve rejected Him? What if I actually end up in hell?” And yes, even thinking Christians have at times wondered how they can be sure that Christianity is true. For some believers, the doubts are relatively minor & fleeting, & the consequence is they are temporarily stripped of their assurance of salvation. But for unbelievers, the doubts are very serious because they stand in the way of them embracing Christ, & the consequence is disastrous, for they remain lost & headed to eternal hell. Well, if there’s anyone listening to this message that might be struggling with doubt, wherever you’re at on the spectrum, I want you to know that those doubts can be eliminated this very hour. And to prove it, we’re going to consider the testimony of the Bible’s famous doubter.