The Disciples That Bailed Out - Part 1

May 4, 2022
Book: Matthew

Bible Passage: Mathew 26:30-35

Because of our fallen human nature, we all are guilty of overestimating our own goodness, strength, loyalty, & faithfulness more than we realize. Our fallen nature deceives us into thinking that we are above many temptations the Bible warns of & able to stand for Christ in the day of trial by our own fortitude, willpower, & personal convictions. We assume that even if everyone else in the church or in our home were to fall away, we would remain faithful & never falter. Our deceitful hearts convince us that we are more virtuous, knowledgeable, capable, & better equipped to remain on the narrow path than our brethren are.

Ironically, such confidence often reveals that we are headed for a failure & will be among those who fall from our Christian stand, & will flee our responsibilities, & convictions when the going gets tough. Church, if we are confident that we will stand because we believe we have the right kind of personality, mentality, upbringing, or some kind of inherent strength in ourselves that others don’t, then we need to beware because we are standing on the shakiest of foundations. All of the Lord’s disciples, not simply Peter, but all of the disciples would learn this lesson on the night He was betrayed. None of the disciples (except Judas) ever thought they were capable of turning away from the Lord. But as we see in our text, when the fiery trial came, at the hour of Jesus’ arrest, all the disciples fled the side of their Lord. There are some important lessons & reminders about failure that we can learn from their experience. These lessons will serve us well & safeguard us from failure if we will apply them.