The Defector That Sold Out

April 20, 2022
Topic: Betrayal , Judas

Bible Passage: Luke 6:12-16

Judas, the mere mention of this name makes your skin crawl & invokes thoughts of treason & betrayal. No other name in the history of mankind can make one cringe with thoughts of despicable wickedness & treachery, not even Hitler. The name, the man, & his heinous act are interwoven into our daily vocabulary, & thus to call someone a “Judas” is the ultimate insult. The name Judas bears a dark cloud over it that refuses go away. Think about it, we don’t even name our dogs, Judas. And though we have tried to bury Judas in the grave of forgotten history by never naming our children by his name, the reason we can’t forget about this man is because GOD won’t allow us to. GOD has eternally preserved this man’s story in the pages of His holy Word to tell the Gospel story of His Son & also serve as a warning to all who “claim the name of Christ.”