Taking Up The Mantle - “It Pays to Serve GOD”

June 21, 2017

As we’ve already noted, the place of service for Elisha continued to change drastically. The places GOD would direct him to were as different as day & night. In chapter 2, Elisha was being mocked by a gang of hoodlums. From that low point, Elisha finds himself being sought out by 3 kings to help them win a battle against Moab in chapter 3. Then in chapter 4, Elisha goes from helping 3 kings & their armies to helping an obscure, poverty stricken widow who had nothing but a pot (jar) of oil left in her house. Here in our text tonight, Elisha goes from the destitute widow to a great woman of Shunem whose situation was in many ways much better than that of the widow.