SEE: Spiritual Eye Exam

August 18, 2019
When Jesus & the disciples arrived in Bethsaida, some people brought a blind man & begged Him to touch him with the intent of healing him. In response to their plea Jesus led the man outside the town to conceal the healing of this blind man from the people of Bethsaida. With the application of His saliva & the touch of His hands, Jesus communicated His intent to heal the blind man through the transfer of His healing power. At first the healing was only partial: He looked up & saw people (perhaps the Twelve) standing around him or perhaps moving about, but they all were in a blur like trees. Then Jesus asked an unusual question: Do you see ought? Do you see anything? This question indicated two things: 1) The restoration of sight which still needed focusing was intentional on Jesus’ part (it was not an indication of the man lacking faith). 2) One can have experienced the miracle of receiving sight but still need GOD to bring that sight into focus.