Saving Grace

July 7, 2019

Grace is a word that’s very familiar to our world. Its usage is not confined to the church or limited to the vocabulary of Christians. In fact, we use the word quite often in casual conversation. Every genre of music has songs which sing of grace & since the turn of the century it has become extremely popular to name children Grace or some variation of it. Not too long ago there was a popular television series about an Oklahoma City Police Detective named Grace. The name of the show was Saving Grace. Though the word grace is as popular as ever, in all reality, this marvelous word has fallen on hard times. You see, while its clear that we are not in danger of losing the word grace from our vocabulary any time soon, we are very much in danger of losing its true Biblical meaning. Ladies & gentlemen, my concern is that the meaning & portrayal of grace (specifically GOD’s grace) is being distorted or in some cases completely redefined in our theologically shallow generation.