Our Great Salvation

July 29, 2018

The audience to whom Peter wrote this letter was suffering oppression & trials. They were scattered throughout Asia Minor because of persecution. And if you know anything about suffering, it causes your eyes to look downward. Suffering causes you to despair. You are weighed down with the heaviness of your situation or condition. Your focus tends to shift from the hope of tomorrow to the pain of today, right?! And you desperately need encouragement to look up & press onward. Well, Peter is extremely aware of this reality, & so he intends to encourage these saints. These scattered believers have suffered the loss of their homes, their livelihood, their families, their lands, you name it. You ask, “How do you encourage hurting believers which have suffered such loss on earth?” According to Peter, you remind them of what they still have reserved for them in heaven & you inform them of the treasure that their faith is presently resting upon – GOD’s great salvation