Onward Christian Soldiers

May 26, 2019

Lest we as a nation forget the sacrifices made for our freedom, the U. S. Congress passed a resolution which asks all Americans “to voluntarily & informally observe a moment of remembrance & respect,” on the last Monday in May. Memorial Day, which we as a nation will observe tomorrow, is a day set aside to remember & honor those who have laid down their lives in service to our country. Many men & women have given the ultimate gift — their lives– that we might have the freedom & liberty we enjoy today.

This holiday should cause every true Christian to fall on their knees & give thanks unto GOD for our political freedom & for the people in our military which have purchased & protected it with their lives. I am personally grateful for the right to assemble with you all here today that we might worship Jesus Christ without fear of the police or another government force storming our doors to arrest us. That actually happened a few weeks ago to one of our missionary families in China. Most of us forget that we enjoy a privilege that many Christians around the world never will. As Americans, & especially as Christians, it is only fitting to observe days like Memorial Day to stir up our remembrance. We must never forget the grace GOD has shed upon us nor the price so many have paid that we can do freely what we’re doing right now.