Moriah's Message of Salvation

March 21, 2021
Series: Easter 2021
Topic: Abraham , Cross , Isaac , Jesus
Book: Galatians

Bible Passage: Genesis 22:1-14

Pastor Marc Williamson preaches on Moriah’s Message of Salvation. In this message, Pastor Williamson shows how Isaac was a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ:

As we approach the holiday which celebrates the Lord’s resurrection, Easter Sunday, I want us to look back in time to see how the OT previewed the Gospel of Jesus Christ thousands of years before Jesus entered this world through the womb of a virgin. Though there are many Old Testament examples of Jesus’ sacrifice pictured throughout the Old Testament that we could point to, beginning in Genesis 3 when GOD had to slay innocent animals in His own creation to provide a covering for the guilty sinners (Adam & Eve), I want to focus in on the supreme test of faith that GOD gave Abraham. For in that great demonstration of faith by Abraham & Isaac, the Holy Spirit paints for us one of the greatest & most graphic pictures of Calvary in the Bible. Perhaps no scene in the Bible gives a clearer foreshadowing of the death of GOD’s only, begotten, beloved Son on the cross that what is recorded through the unforgettable experience of Abraham & Isaac at Moriah. On Mount Moriah, 2,000 years before the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, GOD previewed the message of Calvary & preached the Gospel to Abraham.