Living In A Land Of Lies

September 2, 2020
Topic: Lies
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Bible Passage: Jeremiah 9:1-11

GOD had sent His prophets to sow His Word, His Truth, throughout the nation. And GOD gave Judah every opportunity to repent, but she continued to rebel. Over & over GOD came looking for a harvest but could find no souls to reap. And now, the harvest season, representing GOD’s opportunities to repent, was past. By not heeding GOD’s Word & taking advantage of GOD’s invitation for deliverance from judgment when it had been available, the people were now without hope. And so, Jeremiah records the mournful cry of his people when they learn in the day of judgment the consequences of their sin too late.

Jer 8:20  The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.

         With the knowledge that his people are headed for destruction & there is no cure for their hardhearted rebellion, Jeremiah proposes a perpetual lamentation, an endless flow of tears for the people of GOD!