Lest We Forget

May 27, 2018

Once a year we observe Memorial Day, we break from our routines to remember the price of those who traded their Tomorrows for our Today. But, for the Christian, every Sunday is a celebration of the Memorial of Christ. Lest we forget the Lord’s sacrifice & triumphant resurrection, we assemble every week to honor & worship Jesus Christ. Sadly, Sundays are just another day of the weekend for many. They don’t consider it the Lord’s day, the day in which we reverence Christ. Instead, they see it is as a day to catch up on sleep, or cut the grass, a day we might go to church, a day to go out to eat, a day to visit family, a day to enjoy something recreational, or just another day.

But, to the true child of GOD, on this day we pause to remember that the cost of our spiritual freedom was “the Blood of Christ.” At the cross, Jesus fought the armies of Hell to liberate us from sin’s bondage.