Justice Is Served

May 6, 2018

Revelation 20:11 describes a courtroom scene, it’s the trial of the ages. This frightening scripture details the dreadful day when all unbelievers will be confronted with the truth they have scoffed, denied, ignored, & dismissed. The Great White Throne Judgment is the final bar of justice in GOD’s plan for dealing with sin, once & for all. In this judgment, sinners will stand before a holy GOD to give account for their sins. Unlike our human courts, there will be no jury, only a Judge. There will be no public defender, only a Pure Prosecutor. One by one, sinners will stand alone before GOD; they are hopeless, for they denied the truth that they heard or saw – the witness of conscience, the witness of creation, &/or the witness of Christ. Every soul at this judgment will be found guilty & shall be given an eternal sentence, with no chance of appeal or parole. This is the day of judgment. A popular preacher from years past used to preach a message entitled, “Payday Someday!

Well, at this moment, GOD’s judgment is no longer someday, it is now! As we examine this text you discover that each word emphasizes the magnitude of this awesome scene of absolute justice.