JOY-FULL Christianity

October 2, 2019

I believe every Christian here tonight would agree that the day they got saved was the most joyful experience of their lives. There is nothing comparable to the moment when a sinner repents of sin & places their trust in Christ. The reason for that is that upon conversion, a new believer immediately experiences spiritual peace with GOD, the burden of his sin’s guilt is lifted, the love of Christ is shed abroad in his heart, & the joy of salvation floods his soul. However, it isn’t long after being born-again that a new convert discovers that he isn’t yet perfect & still has to deal with the reality of his old sin nature. And, I hate to inform you, but you need to understand that every child of GOD will have to battle sin, battle that old nature until we die or are raptured out of this world. Because of this fact, we often lose the joyful experience of our salvation.