Look Over The Wall

March 2, 2022
Book: Jeremiah

Bible Passage: Jeremiah 34:1-7

Not all of the Book of Jeremiah is given to us in chronological order. Why? Because GOD determines how He wants to give His Word to the reader. The arrangement of Scripture, like everything GOD does, serves His purpose also. Chapters 2–29 predict the destruction of Judah. Then GOD breaks from the chronology of things to give a word of hope & comfort before continuing on to describe the actual destruction of Judah. Chapters 30–33, which we just finished studying, that section is known as a Book of Hope within the Book of Jeremiah. Those chapters described the future hope of Judah. We learned in chapter 31 of the new covenant GOD promised to make with the house of Israel, & with the house of Judah. This covenant would provide the people with a new heart & cleansing, & it would end Israel’s backslidings. They would become the people of GOD in sincerity. In chapter 33 we discovered the promise of GOD to give the nation a righteous king who would be a descendant of David—the Lord Jesus Christ. GOD promises that when He comes to rule from the throne of David that Judah shall be saved & Jerusalem shall dwell in safety. And GOD said these promises & His covenants with Abraham, David, & the Levites are as sure & fixed as the order of day & night in His creation.