The Lord Our Righteousness

February 16, 2022
Book: Jeremiah

Bible Passage: Jeremiah 33:10-26

Things did not look promising for GOD’s people. Honestly, the situation looked hopeless. Jeremiah, the true prophet of GOD, was in jail. The city of Jerusalem was besieged by the massive Babylonian army. Nebuchadnezzar had his armies building siege mounts for their battering rams. Soon the walls of the city would be breached & the city would be destroyed. All the judgments that Jeremiah had been preaching about & warning of for the last 40 years were about to come crashing down on the people of GOD. In the aftermath of this invasion, the land would look like a barren wasteland with no signs of life. Despite the current situation there was hope! Though the people could not see it, the Lord knew the plans He had ordained from eternity past for His people.