Here Comes The King

April 22, 2018

These verses in Revelation chapter 19 introduce the final act of history as we now know it. It details that great event anticipated by believers in every century, & that which the Old Testament prophets wrote, & that which the New Testament writers longed for. This is the moment to which the entire book of Revelation has been looking forward. It is also the essential & predominant theme of the entire Bible. I’m speaking of none other than the glorious coming of The Lord Jesus Christ to earth in order to put down His enemies, execute justice, & set up His kingdom. The return of Christ at the end of the age will end the darkness of sin’s reign & usher in the golden age on earth when all creation shall be subject to its Creator & Redeemer. Up to this point in the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ has been directing earth’s judgments from His throne in heaven, but now He leaves heaven & descends to earth for the purpose of completing the work of judgment before He establishes His Millennial Kingdom.