11 November 2018

Help For The Home - Part 2

I told you last week that the apostle Peter wrote this letter to encourage Christians who had been scattered & were suffering persecution for their faith. His intentions are twofold: 1) Redirect their focus from their present suffering on earth to the hope of their glorious future with Christ (Hope in the future is what motivates you in the present); 2) Remind them of the responsibility they now have as Christians to live out their salvation in a way that compels sinners to Christ. As we stated time & again, GOD’s redeemed people are to be “living advertisements” of the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must live holy lives & be careful to maintain our testimony for Christ in every area of life; because lost people are constantly examining us—they’re watching to see whether or not our profession of faith is real, & if our message is genuine, & if our Savior is truly who we declare Him to be. Christian, the only reason you are still here on earth is to evangelize the lost. Don’t ever lose sight of that. As believers, we’re called to walk as Christ, to love as Christ, to think as Christ, & to serve as Christ. Paul said it this way – “For me to live is Christ!” (Phil. 1:21). Why should we do this? To bring GOD glory through the manifestation of His life in us & to attract sinners to the One who has saved & given us this new, eternal life.