God Is In Control

August 2, 2020
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Bible Passage: Revelation 19:4-6

The sovereignty of GOD is a truth that’s critically important to our understanding. Today, many Christians are suffering from depression, plagued with anxiety, & spiritually handcuffed with fear. The reason for this is that many of them believe that GOD is either too weak in His ability to rule over every circumstance of life or that He is too unconcerned to care about every single situation we face. Of course, you will never get a true believer to admit this; but our responses to a crisis, a difficulty, a trouble, or a trial evidence this fact. Our responses to trials, troubles, painful experiences, & threatening situations reveal what we truly believe down in the depths of our hearts about GOD. Let me ask, “Why have so many believers fallen into a pit of despair & are now seemingly stuck there”? I do realize that we all are subject to the attacks of fear & even despair, but why are so many imprisoned in this condition? Please listen carefully: It is because many believers have a shallow understanding of GOD’s person & power, especially in the area concerning His Sovereignty. This morning I want to declare unto you that Jesus Christ sits upon His throne above & is ruling with absolute power & is in absolute control of His creation. I declare on the authority of GOD’s holy Word that Jesus Christ is Sovereign. He is King of kings & Lord of Lords. He is Lord over all & nothing happens in this world except He directly causes it or He consciously allows it.