Glorifying GOD In 2020 - Part 1

January 5, 2020

The supreme purpose in life for every person is to glorify GOD. As we begin a new year, it’s necessary that we be reminded of this truth & refocus our aim in every area of life if anything has slipped from this one purpose. And if we’re all honest we must admit that we can all do a better job living for GOD’s glory. No doubt we’ve missed some opportunities to bring GOD glory in some way last year. Perhaps we handled a situation the wrong way, or neglected a relationship which needs attention, or didn’t maintain a Christian standard in the work place, or didn’t witness to sinners as we should’ve, or we weren’t faithful in our church attendance, or haven’t been faithful in our giving, or we’ve allowed some sin to hinder our spiritual growth, or we’ve been inconsistent in our Bible reading & prayer life, or we’ve developed a poor attitude towards someone or something which we know isn’t bringing GOD glory. Well we can’t rewind the clock, but we can confess our sins & purpose within our hearts today to make the necessary adjustments in our lives which will bring GOD greater glory in 2020.