Footprints - When a Prostitute Crashed a Pharisee’s Dinner Plans

September 22, 2019

We’re studying Jesus’ evangelism to learn how to fish for men like the Master. We’ve already watched Jesus deliver a wicked man possessed with demons & observed how he dealt with a religious man possessed with pride. This morning we’re going to look at Jesus in a little different setting, it’s as He shares a meal, & on this occasion He’s dealing with not one but two sinners who happen to be on opposite sides of society’s spectrum. One is a Pharisee & the other is a prostitute. Both old & modern commentators agree on this. I believe there are some wonderful truths in this passage that we need to learn from Jesus when it comes to evangelizing sinners, regardless of what side of the tracks a sinner is from, if we’re to be effective. So, let’s begin our study.