Exemplary Employees

September 30, 2018

How many of you have ever worked a job you just absolutely hated? Maybe it was the kind of work you had to do which made it lousy, or the hours were crumby, or perhaps it was the boss, who was a real piece of work. And to be honest, if you didn’t have to pay bills & make a living, you’d never have worked that job. So, day in & day out, you just miserably endured your work ‒ you punched the clock when you went in, you did what you had to do, but you kept your eye on the clock all day, so you could be the first one out the door at shift change. Well, if you can identify with having had a job you couldn’t stand, chances are you may have missed an opportunity to glorify GOD. You see, many believers don’t understand that even in the worst work setting, we, as Christians, can & should honor GOD in that setting by the way we submit to our bosses & by the attitude with which we perform our jobs. How many of you know that your understanding of GOD’s Word shapes your perspective & your perspective shapes your life?