Cleaning House

May 15, 2022
Series: Jesus
Book: John
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Bible Passage: John 2:13-22

We live in a day when the majority of professing believers hold either an unbiblical or unbalanced view of Jesus. The perception that Jesus is simply meek & mild is not accurate. One of the blessings of the study we’re in is that it will present Jesus as He truly is. Church, the Lord Jesus is more than the Lamb of GODthe Lamb is also the Lion. In biblical terms, the Lamb of GOD who takes away the sin of the world is also the Lion of the tribe of Judah who will come one day to devour His enemies. The book of Revelation speaks of “the wrath of the Lamb” (6:16) that’s to come. 

In a day when society is trying to emasculate men, it is imperative that we be reminded that Jesus was masculine & manly. He was a man of boldness, strength, courage, & conviction. He was not effeminate, passive, tolerant of sin, & weak as so many heretics in pulpits try to portray. In fact, Jesus demonstrated His manliness, courage, & righteous anger publicly when He cleansed the Temple twice. These acts are sort of the bookends of His ministry. The first time He cleansed the Temple was at the beginning of His ministry & the second time was at the end of His earthly ministry just prior to the crucifixion. The text before us in John’s Gospel records the first cleansing. I trust that as we consider this section of Scripture that it will correct any false assumptions or distorted beliefs about the Lord Jesus Christ.