14 November 2018

Battlefield Earth: Understanding the Spiritual Conflict – Part 1.1 – The Fall

Satan must have rejoiced when Adam & Eve turned from GOD to him. The demons probably celebrated when their wicked leader had triumphed so masterfully over the two creatures which GOD had made in His own image & likeness. And with the fall of humanity, the fire of sadistic pride which already burned within Satan’s breast, it erupted with even greater flames of vengeful delight. And for a brief moment in time, it appeared that Satan had won a great victory against GOD by completely ruining the entire human race because the only two human beings in existence, well, they now doubted GOD & followed him. Yes, Adam & Eve, when they sinned, when they disobeyed GOD’s Word & chose rather to sin against GOD after the enticement of Satan, they changed gods.