Authentic Assurance

June 10, 2018

There’s not much preaching today on “assurance of salvation.” This is a strange phenomenon which has developed over the last several decades because the Apostles consistently addressed this subject in the 1st Century. In fact, the Apostle John devoted an entire letter to this matter. A believer’s assurance of salvation is so important that it has been taught throughout the history of the church, all through the Puritan era of the 1500’s & 1600’s, & it continued through the 1700’s with great preachers like Johnathan Edwards. Read the messages of Charles Spurgeon or George Whitfield & you’ll see this subject sprinkled throughout their writings. However, you don’t hear much teaching on the assurance of salvation today. Why is that? One Bible scholar credits the shallow preaching of our day with the disappearance of this message. I would agree!