Assurance For A New Year

December 31, 2017

By nature, fear of the future in some way, is a common experience for all people. As we approach a New Year there are those who are already dreading the financial burdens they may face in 2018. Others may be worrying about their health deteriorating. Some fear the potential loss of aged loved ones or friends. I’ve heard a few discuss the uncertainty of their job situations & they’re stressing about being unemployed this next year. Many are frightened about the decline of this nation & wondering what is going to happen next. Basically, there is a lot of fear b/c of the uncertainty that lays ahead in the future. And yet, GOD wants His children to have confidence & live with assurance about the future. As a matter of fact, GOD has not only admonished us, but He has commanded us, not to fear. Friends, fear is spiritually crippling & an enemy to serving GOD as we ought. That’s why GOD instructed Joshua to march forward into the future without fear.