As It Is in Heaven

Bible Passage: John 14:1-3

Knowing the truth about hell is important, no matter how intense or difficult that truth may be. And sadly, more people are going there than we can imagine. But the good new is that you do not have to go to hell. I’m so grateful that GOD hasn’t abandoned His fallen creation & so hell isn’t GOD’s last word on eternity! That’s why we are going to talk about the place called heaven this morning. Though none of us deserve to go to GOD’s heaven, He has mercifully granted entrance into it, for any sinner who will repent of sin & believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that I see all of you in that wonderful place of GOD’s glory when this life is over. Now, when it comes to the thought of heaven, I’m convinced that far too many people think in terms of extremes rather than biblical reality. One extreme is the idea that heaven is going to be a boring kind of existence in which we float around on clouds with nothing much to do. Another extreme view some people hold is that heaven is sort of an intrusion into life on earth—something far off in the future that we aren’t really excited about & don’t want to happen until we have enjoyed & accomplished everything we want in this life.