An Overview of the Thessalonian Church

July 10, 2016

The two letters to the Thessalonian Church were written to real believers who were facing real troubles in a world that was growing hostile toward the Christian faith. The city of Thessalonica was wealthy; yet, had a high rate of crime. Children were discarded at will [cast out into the streets] much like our abortion problem in America. The architecture in Thessalonica was decorated with pornography and prostitution was found on every street. Yet in the midst of this affluent, crime ridden, perverse city… GOD established a church. You and I can easily identify with these Christians because our world is becoming much like the one they live in. We are facing many of the same problems. Once you understand the situation of the Thessalonian church, you will see how practical the Bible is as we discover how we that are saved are supposed to live out our Christian faith as we wait for GOD’s SON to return for His church.