A Lesson on Failure

May 21, 2017

This morning we’re returning to the cross that we might learn about GOD’s power to redeem lives after disastrous failures. If there’s any doubt that GOD can turn around a life which has literally blown it, then we desperately need to hear this message. If there’s any question as to the extent of GOD’s grace regarding man’s sin, then we need to pay attention to this lesson from the cross. Because if ever there was a group of people which could have been considered unredeemable & unforgivable, surely it was those who played a part in the crucifixion of GOD’s own Son. And if ever there were believers which had fallen beyond the point of restoration, then look no further than the Lord’s own disciples which fled His side in the hour of His testing. One went so far as to deny that he had any association with the Lord. Friends, at Mount Calvary we see the most vivid display of human failure. However, it is against this backdrop that we witness the divine faithfulness & redeeming power of Jesus Christ.