A Heavenly Father

June 17, 2018

In the days of Jesus, the Pharisees & Scribes had devised such a legalistic system whereby one was to know GOD & enter His kingdom that it totally disfigured the character & nature of GOD. Well, Jesus came to earth to testify of the truth that men could be liberated from false religion & come into a real relationship with GOD through Himself. In response to the Pharisees’ complaints of Jesus receiving & eating with sinners, Jesus told 3 stories which revealed that the religious leaders didn’t know GOD whatsoever. In the last story, Jesus spoke of a loving father that rejoiced in his wayward son coming home. The intent was to show the people that GOD didn’t reject sinners, He actually loved them & takes great pleasure in their salvation. Since Father’s Day is upon us, we’re going to look at this story once again & note some attributes of The Heavenly Father. It’s my intent as a father to model these attributes of The Heavenly Father & become a heavenly father to my kids. I pray that this is the desire of every Christian father also. What’s the profit in doing so? Well, if we’ll pattern our lives after The Heavenly Father, then our kids will be impacted & influenced like the prodigal son in the story. So, let’s discover some things that a heavenly father should demonstrate in his life & in his parenting as he follows the example of The Heavenly Father.