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Series: Jeremiah: Truth, Tears, & Triumph

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Jeremiah: Truth, Tears, & Triumph

As Christians, all of us sooner or later, will be called by GOD to take a stand for the Truth on some position or in some situation. The stand will not be popular, it will probably provoke anger, unjust treatment, & may leave us standing alone. When we find ourselves in such a scenario, we will then be able to start identifying with the Prophet Jeremiah. For over 40 years, Jeremiah proclaimed the truth of GOD to His people, it was an unpopular message of judgment, & consequently he suffered a great deal for His stand. As a matter of fact, Scripture reveals that Jeremiah experienced times of discouragement, depression, & desperation. Throughout this Book we will find Jeremiah shedding tears so much so that many people have described him as the ‘weeping prophet.’ But despite the pain, loneliness, & sorrow his obedience to the Lord would cause him, he never quit. One author writes, “Yes, he brooded & more than once he thought about quitting, but he always bounced back with the fire of GOD’s words blazing in his bones. Like a lone soldier defending his post at all costs, Jeremiah bravely stood up to kings, princes, priests, & prophets.” The life & ministry of Jeremiah needs to be revisited & carefully studied in our day more than ever before. Seeing that today, in our country, we are now living in a completely secular society where Christians are marginalized & fiercely mocked, & it’s only going to intensify, every believer needs to develop the same kind of resolve & conviction to standfast in & upon the Truth of GOD like Jeremiah. I pray that the Lord will use this study to encourage & strengthen His people that we might hold the banner high for another generation.

Sermons in Jeremiah: Truth, Tears, & Triumph