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Series: Death, Destinies, & Decisions

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Death, Destinies, & Decisions

Man is strange in that he is the only creature that knows he is going to die & yet does everything he can to avoid thinking about this fact. Try to bring up the matter of death in conversation & most people will get anxious & change the subject. By nature, we simply do not want to face this reality. Our jobs, hobbies, & relationships are welcomed distractions from the knowledge we all possess that every passing second of the clock is moving us closer to our death day. Friends, we might as well face it, we all are going to die unless the Lord returns in our lifetime. You ask, “What’s your point preacher?” My point is that most people are trying to ignore, deny, or dodge the truth about their coming death, even though their eternal destiny is at stake. The purpose in this series is to bring us face-to-face with death’s reality, & to answer the question of what awaits us all beyond the grave by examining what GOD’s Word says about heaven & hell, & the decisions which determine our eternal destinies.

Sermons in Death, Destinies, & Decisions