Can I Be Sure?

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Christians need to be able to answer life’s most important questions. Join us as we start our new series, “Can I Be Sure?” This series will help to ground every believer in their personal faith & equip them to give solid answers to the skeptics’ questions. Series starts May 3rd.


Can I be sure that GOD exists?

According to a global poll in 2011, only 51% of people worldwide claim to believe in GOD’s existence. With the new atheists who have launched aggressive campaigns to attack the belief in GOD this number is sure to change. If ever there was a need for Christians to be able to give an answer of the hope we have in GOD, surely it is now. In this first message we will deal with the most foundational question in life: can I be sure there is a GOD?

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Can I be sure that GOD Is good when He allows suffering?

Why does a good GOD allow His creation, & even His children to suffer? If GOD is good & all-powerful, then why does He permit evil in our world? These are legitimate concerns that deserve a solid answer.

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  • May 24th – Can I be sure that the Bible Is True?
  • May 31st – Can I be sure that Christianity Is the Right Religion?
  • June 7th – Can I be sure that I can forgive those that hurt me?
  • June 21st – Can I be sure that GOD will forgive my failures?
  • June 28st – Can I be sure that I’m Going to Heaven When I Die?